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We're here to bring you the very best information for a holiday in Cambodia. We love this country and everything it has to offer the visitor, from stunning sights like Angkor Wat to amazing historical cities like Phnom Penh. There's no doubt that Cambodia has had a difficult history, but now it is managing to come out of those difficult times and is an incredible place to visit for a holiday.

From tips on the best destinations to visit when you come to Cambodia, to tips and tricks on how to travel and get great deals on holidays here, we'll bring you all the best information that you need for a visit to Cambodia. We'll also throw in some extra tips on the surrounding countries like Thailand and Laos gratis!

If you're looking for a beautiful country with history, world recognised icons and stunning coastline, then Cambodia is the perfect place for you. So buckle in, relax and prepare to have your appetite whetted for a trip to this beautiful land!

3 Amazing Places to Stop off on a Trip to Cambodia

Located in South East Asia, Cambodia enjoys a mysterious past and rich cultural heritage. It is a city of the past, the present and the future all combined together to an intricate harmony. Here, Buddhism is the major religion practiced in the kingdom, bearing influence on culture, architecture, and even … Read more

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