Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a place of compelling contrasts, where all your senses are intrigued by the colors, scents, sights, food and the high spirits of the Cambodians. Set in Cambodia’s most prosperous region, it is often awash with tourists flocking in to witness its amazing ancient wonders, rich history, and culture and relax amongst its alluring atmosphere.

Its mix of colonial French, Khmer traditions, Angkorian history and modern services provide an ideal atmosphere for any kind of holiday. In Siem Reap there is never a shortage of things to see and do.


This is a major tourist attraction in Cambodia and it is a must visit, you will be amazed at the glorious representation of over 1000 years of history in stone.  This Angkor Wat is a complex of temples and structures built between the 9th and 14th centuries in the northwest of Cambodia which tell the story of the rise and fall of the Khmer Empire. These structures consist of base relief walls depicting stories of ancient times, some heavenly and others hellish, pagoda, temples and imperial residences. This massive collection of historical structures is embellished with deftly curved Khmer artwork. Neither pictures nor words could possibly do justice to the magical ambience of this region; it is no wonder that it is considered a world wonder and also designated as a UN Heritage site.


The Angkor might have dazed you, but you may not find enough answers to the mighty emperor that built it, if you are curious to learn more then head to the Angkor National Museum. It is privately run and strategically located near the Grand Hotel d’ Angkor which is hard to miss; it is a sprawling white edifice with refreshing pools and stupas, slightly gaudy pink sandstone walls. The museum is spacious with eight galleries which will amaze you with the arrangement of chronological account of Khmer civilization from the pre-Angkor period (about the 9th century) to the golden age of Angkor with massive collections of artifacts.

There is a wide array of artifacts that will explain the mysteries of the Angkor Wat; Buddha statues of wood, bronze, silver and stone are displayed with the oldest dating back to the 6th century. You will get detailed information on how the Angkor Wat and other temples in this region were built and also get an insight on the religions and beliefs that molded the great Khmer civilization.


The Psar Chaa market gives you a refreshing break after all the historical escapades. It is bustling with energy and activity; teeming with souvenir shops, pubs, bars and restaurants catering for all your culinary needs. This charming market gives you an opportunity to experience the authentic taste of the local life. You will find a lot on display, from fresh fruits and vegetables to Buddha statues and Cambodian arts and crafts. If you are daring enough you can get a bite of the crispy fried tarantulas and add to your list of bizarre foods you have ever tasted!

Siem Reap